About us

We are a creative agency that creates brands. Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful connections between brands and target groups with intelligent design.


We shape all of the elements that make a successful brand: the brand name, corporate identity, brand books, packaging, product design, concept retail space, promotional material, advertising campaigns, digital communication materials, all in order to build a brand based on strong emotions with whom the target group consumers can relate to. Power of brand has long ago outgrown the real strength of the product or product group. It is the source of the promise that the buyer relies to, a milestone in your market communication. In this way, the brand will successfully position and develop on the market and ultimately achieve tangible commercial results.


We believe in an individual approach to the client, because we believe that the real solution can only come if you really listen to the client and understand the problem and act according to needs of our clients. Perhaps most important of all: we love what we do and believe in the brands that we create.


The goal of branding is not in getting a target group to choose your product / service instead of the competition’s product, but to get the potential consumers to recognize your product or service as the only real solution to their problem.



Brand strategy

Your brand strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom to communicate your brand. Where to advertise is also a part of your strategy, and your distribution channels and what you communicate visually and verbally.

Our job is to take these elements and to create something that will make your brand stand apart from your competitors – and ensure that it illustrates the truth behind your brand.

When this happens, your brand becomes authentic. It will have a story that is compelling. The result? The brand which has built a reputation, and therefore success.


Brand identity

Whether it is a new identity or redesign of an existing one, our approach to identity development is guided by the same analytical procedures and principles. Identity is developed in accordance with the previously established strategy, with the aim of creating identity that faithfully represents the client’s brand and differentiates it from the competition and creates a lasting image at the target audience.


We consider all the elements that make up the brand identity, typography, color palettes, iconography, photography and brand message. Identities we create are as emotional as much as visual and extend to a wide range of communications, from print to digital content.

Brand experience

Like religions, brands want people to believe in them and what they offer. Such trust creates lifelong brand loyalty and faith in the authenticity of the brand. We strive to create such trust because it is the most important thing on the way to brand success. People have lost confidence in the business world in general and they are thinking much more about how they will spend their often modest income. This is why brands that create trust survive in such conditions. Trust is, unlike emotions of love, a rational emotion and therefore the key to brand success.


Also, a clear brand message, combined with a clear point of differentiation is a key ingredient for the brand success. Consumers choose brands within a few seconds, and a clear brand message helps them make their decision more easily.