Croatian Chamber of Architects

Croatian Chamber of Architects establishes herself as the heir of the tradition and heritage of associations and organizations of architects, and continues the sequence of organized professional associations of architects in Croatia.

Chamber promotes architecture as an expression of the people and culture of creativity, enhances architectural activity in order to protect the public interest and the interests of third parties.

The idea for the design came from the architectural symbol of the fireplace. Fireplace, a gathering place, alludes to the chamber, or a gathering of people in one place, for the purpose of promoting and protecting their profession.

The sign has been modified into a cube that gives a national flavor, and is filled with a pattern that symbolizes concrete in architectural drawings, and therefore sybolizes strength, which is reflected in the

efforts of the chamber to establish high professional standards. Also, the direction of the pattern indicates growth and progress.

Coloristically the entire identity rests on a blue coloration of the architectural drawings (blueprints), also blue is the color of reliability, dependability stability and security, and is often associated with intellect and knowledge.